My story

My greatest desire is to express a level of beauty and meaning which i’ve found to be embedded in a pursuit of creating. If nothing else, a photograph or film is confirmation of a time to be remembered and a tangible document to understanding our world and how we perceive it. I am passionate about documenting the beauty and magnificence of this earth, and sharing stories that reflect Christ’s overwhelming love to the world. I'm a music lover, I hike and ski whenever I get the chance to be in the mountains and I spend a good majority of my time on road trips and traveling, because if anything else, I believe that’s exactly what my twenties are for.

I've been photographing and filming weddings and couples for the past three years and I’ve been beyond honored to have to opportunity to participate in a day that alters the course of a couple’s life. In an attempt to capture tiny glimpses of the eternal beauty of God’s Kingdom, I have been enjoying the endeavor of this craft, based on a love of beauty and a strong desire to create. My hope is to capture real, random moments of happiness and adventure that will help you remember how it all started. 

Do small things with great love.
— St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta

My Go-To Playlist

I use this playlist for just about everything: photoshoots, editing, road trips, background music for making dinner - I believe music can truly give an insight into who a person is.